Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kitchen Redo Week 3

Well, I took a break from Carolyn's Kitchen Recession Redo with a little trip to Florida and now I'm back and Nathaniel has added the new hardware and is installing new lights on the kitchen ceiling. If you look at old photos you'll see a ceiling fan with light kit that everyone hit their head on...kind of dumb. Now there are sleek new brushed nickel lighting fixtures....but they are so bright it's like crime lighting. So dimmers are being added. Just got back from Home Depot where I am getting to know the guys in each department. Looked for a sink...finally decided on a

pretty $300 double sink in cream. Then.......Recessionistas..........found the same one in the Clearance area for $52 and it came with a bonus cutting board. Still NOWHERE on counter top decision...since got a quote of $2800 for granite. No way.....and can't sink to laminate just yet.

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Jackie Davis said...

Your kitchen looks amazing. It is bright and welcoming! I can't wait for the next dinner party.