Thursday, June 4, 2009

Carolyn's Kitchen Recession Makeover Day One

What can I say? I could shoot an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show in my kitchen or Leave it to Beaver? This kitchen is old and I've tried to update a bit with Benjamin Moore Kittery Point Green paint instead of blue and white striped Waverly wallpaper. And the GE wall ovens ( circa early 1970's) were originally "harvest gold" but I had them painted white in last recession redo. Hey, they still work. Took out cabinets over middle peninsula counter to open up kitchen and hang wine glasses. Friends still ask, "Where are the wine glasses?" Uh...over your head. Time to say goodbye and step boldly into the dream kitchen future. But not too boldy...I can't afford it. I DO want a new stove....what do you think? Take out the wall ovens totally, remove the cook top and replace with fabulous new stove top with oven below? The wall oven area becomes more counter top. About the ceiling fan with light kit. It's in the perfect spot for every tall person to hit their head. Gotta go. TODAY: Kitchen Makeover Artist/Angel has arrived. Nathaniel is going to paint the cabinets Benjamin Moore Linen White and glaze with a bit darker color. NO! I am not replacing the cabinets. Got estimate for $30K. My budget is a tenth of that. Recession realities and sweet solutions. I'm off to Home Depot to look at the farmhouse sink in the clearance section.


Jaince said...

Can't wait to follow the progress of your kitchen makeover. I have been wanting to make over my kitchen for a few years but Liz has threatened to smack me if I even mention it again before our second book is complete!

Carolyn O'Neil said...

This is Recession makeover!
Short on time, money and imagination....
but it must be done!