Thursday, March 27, 2008

Did you say Dish on Dieting?

"The Dish on Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous!" is the book I've written with co-author Densie Webb, Phd RD.
Densie lives in Austin and I live in Atlanta and we successfully completed writing this diet and nutrition book via emails, faxes and only a few in person meetings. The best meeting of course was when we took our idea to New York City to present our proposal to potential editors with the expert help of our literary agent, Jenny Bent. The publisher who loved us most and we loved them too...was Atria Books, part of Simon & Schuster.
Here's a taste of The Dish.
Welcome to The Dish, where a new diet aptitude meets a stylish lifestyle attitude!
Serving up heaping helpings of nutrition know-how designed to fit your schedule and your sense of taste, THE DISH is here to show women of all ages they can have their chocolate torte and eat it too!

Forget starve-yourself regimens and nutrition gimmicks that just don’t work, and say good bye to those boring food enforcers who don’t understand what you need. Instead join Carolyn O’Neil and Densie Webb as they invite you to wine and dine, entertain and travel, cook delicious meals and enjoy the many ways to move your body and feel fabulous. As registered dietitians, they know their stuff, but they prefer to be called the “Dish Divas” and they’re here to put the fun back into eating right and feeling great.

In these pages they dish out diet advice on how to achieve three principal goals: to fit healthy eating into a hectic life; to make healthy eating stylish and to be healthy by eating more, not less (yes, it can be done!). There are no food police on patrol here, just some heartfelt real-life advice from two nutrition experts, who talk you through food challenges and choices with a style of wit and wisdom that will keep you turning the pages for more.

Want The Dish on how to make the best choices when you eat out? It’s all here, from four star tables to fast food lane. What about a bit of the bubbly? The Dish Divas offer the lowdown on the liquid portion of portion control. Need to get your rear in gear? From walking the pounds off to karate kicks, they’ll help you find the physical activities that appeal to you. They’ve even dished up plenty of fresh advice on beauty and fashion to help you streamline your look and your life.

To show you how to maximize flavor and flare in your food, they dish up easy-to-cook recipes, tips and techniques from top chefs, dubbed Gourmet Gurus. Ever wonder how chic and fit women stay that way and still live the high life? To answer the oft asked “How does she do it?” Carolyn and Densie gather the weight control secrets that work for their Hip & Healthy Heroines. So, learn from the best and see what works for you.

The Dish is a marvelous mix of nutrition advice, culinary wisdom and chic insight, here just in the nick of time to help you feel great, look great and create your own hip and healthy lifestyle.

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