Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The blog begins

Here I go. It's time to join the share-it-now world of blogging. I've kept a journal of my thoughts and observations since I was able to write so it's about time that I started my web log journal. To get started I'm going to experiment with the words and pictures that I think best describe my food philosophy and where we can go with The Dish on Dieting blog. It's all about celebrating fabulous foods that just happen to be healthy. Let's start with my lunch one day in Bordeaux.

I thought about the priority of enjoying deliciously healthy cuisine as I lingered over lunch at Les Sources de Caudalie, a spa resort and winery in Bordeaux. Even the ingredients within a dish seemed to be chosen to maximize the pleasure of the others. A delicate crab salad with tangy grapefruit segments was served with the concentrated flavor of tomato confit on top of a crunchy parmesan cracker at the base. This is spa cuisine?! Every bite was exciting and refreshing.

While dining in the city of Bordeaux a few days later at L’Estaquade, a seafood restaurant on the Garonne River, I watched a young couple on a date. Again I noted the relaxed and measured pace of eating in France. The man slowly poured the wine into her glass and then his and then repeated the process with their water glasses. Not until then did they raise a fork. There was an elegant ceremony to dining. Each bite of food was followed with a taste of wine and then conversation. This kind of stop- and-smell-the- bouillabaisse meal time mode is part of the reason the French are famous for not being fat. They savor flavors to enjoy delicious foods in smaller portions. So, the American scenario of gulping down a quick meal to make a movie seems almost barbaric.

Learning about cultures through their cuisines introduces us to new tastes and styles of eating to help us examine and perhaps improve our own. And these are certainly the kind of French lessons anyone would enjoy.

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