Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Cleaning in Food and Nutrition

A wonderful welcome to Old Edwards Inn and Spa in Highlands, North Carolina. Executive Chef Johannes
Klapdohr is so enthusiastic about the natural bounty of the seasons he creates floral fantasies of organic veggies to wow food loving guests.
How's that New Year’s Diet Going?
Fall's Great Time to Refresh Resolutions

So how are you doing on those resolutions to eat healthier that you may have made back in January? If the answer is “Oh yeah, I kind of lost steam and got a little side tracked” you’re in the majority. Turns out that you need to treat every day as New Year’s Day and give yourself the option to start all over again. So with summer fading and fall on the horizon let’s hit the reset button to launch a fresh start.

Fall Cleaning: Start at home with a clean sweep of the fridge and pantry and a vow to toss more salads and toss out the potato chips. Stocking a kitchen with a cast of figure friendly vegetables, fresh fruit, lean meats, whole grains, and fat free or low-fat dairy is the best foundation for sticking to a weight loss diet. Have some fall fun at a local farmers market and take advantage of autumn harvests of gorgeous greens, late season tomatoes, tender carrots and crunchy apples.

Since the average American eats out at least four to five times a week with certain age groups such as those in their 30’s dining out up to 30 times a week, you’ll have to make some healthy changes in your restaurant habits if you want to see a smaller number when you step on the scale.
Know Which Flavors are Free – There are plenty of ways to jazz up steamed vegetables, grilled fish and other menu choices you might otherwise garnish with a high fat sauce. Lemon juice, salsa, steak sauce, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, soy sauce and vinegars are low cal or no cal options for adding flavor without fat. If you’re watching your sodium intake go easy on soy and steak sauces.
Read Between the Lines – Menu descriptions don’t always tell the whole story about the added fat in a dish. If it says “crispy coating” it probably means fried and always ask the server about how the sauces are made. For example, is it a “light” tomato sauce because it’s made cream and color is lighter? It can happen!

Skip the extras- It’s not the craving for pizza that ‘done your diet wrong’, it was the decision to add extra pepperoni or a double cheese that send the fat and calories over your limit. Watch out for extras such as fried croutons on salads, bacon slices on burgers and cheese sauce slathered on steamed broccoli. Think of these high calorie additions as accessories to use sparingly.

Go Green
No matter where you’re dining, resolve to add more vegetables to your menu choices. Even it means asking to Biggie Size the lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles on your fast food hamburger; you’re adding more veggies to your diet. This adds low cal or no cal nutrients to your daily intake and the fiber in cooked vegetables and salads helps you feel full.

Find Farms on the Menu-
The good news is that eating healthier has never tasted better because a growing number of chefs today are enthusiastic about featuring the most flavorful farm fresh produce on their menus.

Carvel Gould, executive chef at Canoe in Vinings buys as much as possible from local farmers and has recently added raised bed gardens to the landscaping around the restaurant, “You should see the eggplants!”

Executive Chef Johannes Klapdohr of the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina is so passionate about sharing his fresh finds with guests that menus include enticing descriptions such as “Brussels sprouts surprise” and “lifecycle of peas.” Farmer David Taylor of Lakemont, Georgia even finds his name on the menu at Madisons restaurant at the Old Edwards Inn right next to the eggs and salad greens he supplies.

Want to Eat More?
Well, then you’ll have to move more. Whether it’s a morning jog before breakfast, a lunchtime yoga class or dancing after dinner, exercise not only helps you maintain the weight loss you achieved. It allows you to eat more without regaining.

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