Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ship Shape Cruising

Dateline: Somewhere in the North Atlantic sailing on the Cunard liner QM2 from Southampton to New York.
It really was a trip of a lifetime; well the second trip of a lifetime. I was born in Scotland and when I was six months old I sailed with my mom, Jessie Maclean Robertson O'Neil, on the original Queen Mary from England to New York. Now, 50-uh- something years later I followed the same trans Atlantic itinerary on the QM2. This was a historic voyage for Cunard as well since this trip marked the 100th Atlantic crossing for the QM2. All that and plenty of Champagne, too!
Passengers, it's interesting to note, have always been into fitness when they travelled. Old photos from the Queen Mary boasted a small gymnasium and circa 1950's menus touted the chef's ability to create dishes for special diet requests. On board the QM2 today, fitness is a big focus with a Canyon Ranch Spa and fitness center complete with professional trainers. The menus for every dining room included light and healthy choices and always an array of deliciously unique salads.
Deck 7 was a popular spot. That's where you can run or walk or stroll around the ship on a promenade deck. Three trips around the QM2 and you've completed 1.1 miles. So you can decide how many laps to take based on how many laps you want to do at the breakfast buffet. But, the biggest fitness boost comes from taking the stairs and not the elevator to get around the ship. Up and down, down and up from deck 2 to deck 12- that's a cardio workout.
Yes, you can stay ship shape on your cruise!

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