Monday, August 18, 2008

Soup's On.Weight's Off.

This gorgeous gigante white bean soup served with a glass of Spanish Rioja was presented to me at Meson de Candido Restaurant in Segovia, Spain. 200 year old Meson de Candido is famous for their roasted suckling you can guess where this soup gets its flavor! Actually the recipe calls for one pig's ear and one pig's foot along with chorizo sausage and some cured Serrano ham. Soups are the very essence of comfort and flavor and I've always loved them.
Steaming hot vegetable soups to warm you in winter and icy cold fresh gazpachos to cool things down in summer.
Besides being a time honored way of coaxing the flavors from foods, soups are nutrient rich and because of their high liquid content.....soups are coming into focus as an important and tasty tool in weight control. They fill you up without filling you out. Now obviously, a tomato based Manhattan Clam Chowder will have less calories and fat than a cream based New England Clam Chowder but soups in general are important to add satiety to a meal. And we all know how important controlling hunger is when we're trying to eat less to weigh less. Weight management research shows that starting your meal with a bowl of soup will help you eat fewer calories at that meal. Add to that a two hour walking tour of Segovia's magical sights after lunch at Meson de Candido and you've got the perfect recipe for food, fitness and fun.

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